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Sep 29, 2008

Katie's Christmas list

Anything Hannah Montana,
My roll over pet,
Make up,
Hair stuff,
Teacher stuff,
play doctor stuff,
vet stuff,
A art book,
art supplies,
cowgirl boots,sise(11),
new shoes,
new blanket,
Blues Clues doll and
blanket and pillow
FURREAL Friend Bisckit,

Sep 16, 2008

Phone Pictures

I just wanted to note that the last few posts were all pictures from my phone.

Pretty goods pics, I might say.

Sep 15, 2008

The Loom at the Highland Games

The kids really loved the loom at the Highland games. The girls would like a small one for Christmas and Aaron just thought the way it worked was fascinating.

Ian's first haircut



Yes, this is REALLY the same kid!!!!!

A creek walk during the summer

One day during the summer we were driving around and decided to go to the little park by Costco. Never thought much of it, so we have never been there before. We figured it was lame because of the location. Well, were we wrong!!! it has an awesome creek and walking trails and even a playground. The kids had so much fun!
The picture on the play set is of the kids putting on a show for us that they rehearsed and performed.

The last one is the cool fish they caught!! yeah, it's plastic....so??

Enjoy the cuteness!

I am learning to upload video from my phone....let's see what happens