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Jun 3, 2009

Ian is 1 1/2

And everybody can tell!! What a pill this guy is. He is into everything, is teething like a mad man and it makes him crabby, and he can climb and open anything he wants!!

He is extremely smart. He doesn't really say a lot of words but he can understand anything that is said when he is in the room. He loves to play with cars and blocks and he loves to 'read' books while he sits in his crib waiting for bedtime.

He won't eat without utensils. He can take off and put on clothes. And he LOVES to put on shoes.

He walks, yes walks, up and down the stairs. He has never crawled down the steps and it sure does drive me crazy.

He likes to grunt into the amplifier mic and listen to his voice. He loves to sing to himself and clapp for himself when he is done.

A few days ago he discovered a new fun activity. He climbs onto the changing table, yells for someone to get him and then when they get close enough.....HE JUMPS! He is crazy! He is going to find out the hard way that Andrew just isn't big enough to catch him.

Jun 2, 2009

The Worst Blogger Ever!!!

That is me!!

I just don't think blogging is as much fun without pictures and since I have been working off my laptop ....forever... I don't have the accessibility to my pictures like I used to.

We are excited for summer. I am done with the routine of getting up and getting to school. It's not so bad when the little ones have school but when I am at home with the 3 little ones anyway, it's really just too much effort to get the big ones up and out the door. I don't get to do as much with the 3 at home so I don't think I should have to get up early and get movin'.

I will try again to blog more even without the pics but I can't make any promises!!