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Jun 11, 2008

Day two..........

So today was not so bad. We got up at normal school day time because Aaron, Riley and Katie had dentist appointments this morning at 9. Then we went shopping at Costco. Bought lots of groceries for next week. We will be at Cub Scout Day Camp and I have to make sac lunches for the four oldest and myself. and we got John his Father's Day present.

The girls played outside most of the afternoon when we got back with Sydney and Andrew going out to play for short periods of time up until dinner.

Sam came over to help out so I could go food shopping and go to a Cub Committee meeting. I ended up not going shopping because it started to rain SOOO hard that I didn't think it was worth it.

When I got home, Riley, Katie and Andrew were the only ones awake and watching TV. Not so bad, like I said.

Now here are a few things I learned today..............

* Going to Costco with 6 children causes lots of attention.
* Going to Costco with 6 children and meeting your friend and her two kids there causes even more attention.
* Sydney will eat ANYTHING once.
* Going to Costco with 8 children takes a very long time.
* You really can manage to feed 8 children lunch just with the samples they give out at Costco. (this really could cut down on the food bill, I think I am on to something)
* Ian does not like rain drops on his face.

I wonder what tomorrow's adventures will be??...........

Jun 10, 2008

The last day of school

Today was the last day of school and we all went to have fun at the class parties. Really I just ran bounced around from class to class missing most of the excitement because I was in the wrong class at the wrong time. It was fun still. The little ones enjoyed getting to play and I only had to take one home early(Riley). The other two wanted to stay and play with their friends for the afternoon. Here's pretty much how the day went.

-We got to the school and I remembered I forgot my camera in the car.
-I left Sydney and Ian in Aaron's classroom and went to go get it.
-I took a couple of pics of the kids in their classrooms and then let Sydney out to play...this is where is gets exhausting...

-I get a sandwich "Where is Sydney? oh man, Katie can you get Syd she just went out the door."
-We start to play games "OOP Katie, there goes Syndey again can you go get her"
-Go to the bathroom with Andrew, talk to a teacher, "OH Man, Where did She go? Did you see Sydney? Walk up and down the hall. Find Sydney in the arms of one of the Assistant Principals. "Thanks, Sorry"

-Now we go into Riley's room and try to watch a movie of field day that one of the Dad's made. "hold on, I gotta get the girl"....."ok, I'm back"..."ooo, she figured out the door, there she goes"..."ok, I'm here again"...."hey, could you grab Sydney, she just went out the door again"

-Now I realize that I don't see Andrew. Make Aaron go up and down the hall for a good 3 minutes looking for him until it hits me that after we went to the bathroom, we ran into one of his friends and I ask that Mom to keep Andrew so I could keep an eye on Sydney..."ooopsie, I forgot. never mind Aaron I know where he is. Sorry!"

This continued on like this from 11am to 1pm when I finally left and Sydney passed out in the car. And just so you know, Sydney doesn't sleep in her carseat! and I only live 1.1 miles from the school. She must have been exhausted.

Now here are a few things I learned today.........

* Ian prefers breast milk to formula when drinking from a bottle.

* If you take the mattress out of the crib you can gain 4 inches depth and prevent a child from climbing out for a little bit longer.

* Sydney is weird is likes to sleep on wood.

* Sydney gets into EVERYTHING that is not sealed, locked, bolted down or in some way secured.

* The blue Inspector Hector plaque detector mouth rinse doesn't stain the sink or counter top, even when the ENTIRE bottle is spilled and left there all day.

* Sprinklers are so much more fun when placed under a trampoline.

* The cat REALLY doesn't like it when Sydney's steps on him.

* I think Summer is going to be longer than I had anticipated!!!!

Jun 4, 2008

My two Mom's

I am standing in the bathroom putting on my makeup getting ready to go the school for a PTA appreciation luncheon. Which I didn't want to go to because I would have to wake Sydney up early and not give Andrew a nap, but it was nice and I am glad I went even though I had to hold Andrew for the first 30 minutes because he fell asleep in the car on the way there.
Anyway, Andrew comes in dressed with his batman cape and mask and makes a cutting motion like he has sliced me in half vertically with of course the sound effects to go along "ffffssshhhhht"
I looked at him a little confused and sad because why would he want to cut me in half? Have I really failed so badly as a Mother that even the 3 year old is plotting to rid himself of my daily tortures?
He then looks at me very sweetly and says "There Mom, now there are two of you to help you make dinner!"

awww, how sweet is that? In a really weird kind of way......but at any rate at least he recognizes how hard it must be to complete even the simplest of tasks around here.

Jun 2, 2008

A speacial guest

Hanna Montana made a special appearance at our house and sang with the girls. Thanks to Nellie and Jessica for making this possible! The girls will remember this for a LONG LONG time!