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Jul 31, 2009

How do you get 18 boxes of crayons for $.09

It was pretty simple really.

The kids were excited to go buy crayons for a penny a box, the sale they have at a popular office supply store right now ( I won't mention where to protect the innocent. Although, I am sure Office Depot wouldn't mind since it is their competition.) Well, Riley, Kate and Andrew each have their penny's and crayons and go to the counter and they guys says "oh, if you are all together you can only get one of the offer, which has a limit of 3 boxes." I said "They are paying separate with their own money so it shouldn't matter" He wouldn't budge and I didn't want to get ugly with the kids there so we left and the whole time the kids keep asking "Why can't I get crayons, mom" especially Andrew was so sad. He said "why won't they let me get my own Crayons?"

We are talking about crayons for a little kid here people!!

So, we go to the car with all the kids bummed out and I call the toll free # on the sale flyer. I asked them if the sale was per family or per customer and if there was an age limit on who qualifies as a customer is?

The girl on the phone checked with whoever in her office and told me that there shouldn't have been a problem with each of the children getting their own. She was so nice and called the store we had been at and let them know what the policy is on that particular sale. She also told me that the store manager was aware of the situation and had already talked to the associate about it but I had already left the store and he couldn't do anything for me.

Which I don't really believe that he tried real hard to stop me cuz let me tell ya, getting three kids in the car buckeled up while looking through the sale flyer and calling the customer service number took quite a long time and I was sitting in the parking spot until after I was done dialing.

But at any rate, the customer service rep informed me that we could go back to the store, and the manager was going to give us the crayons for free! The kids were so excited!

When we got back to the store the manager was outside and could tell who I was as soon as I pulled up, or at least it appeared that way by the look on his face and mannerism with the person he was talking to.

He apologized for the inconvenience and said that not only would he give us 9 boxes of crayons for free but that if the kids wanted to take part in the sale they could each still purchase 3 boxes of crayons for a penny a box.

So we really got 18 boxes of crayons for $.09. The kids were excited and it was a great lesson to the children that if you think that something isn't right, don't go all ballistic, just call and check it out and solve the problem in a way that won't make anyone look like an idiot.

Whew! All that for some crayons!


  1. See, so you know why this was so important!

  2. I'm glad it worked out with a positive outcome. Still seems crazy that they wouldn't just let the kids buy the crayons in the first place. What was wrong with that associate?