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Jul 31, 2009

A very adventerous summer.

This summer has by far been the busiest in many years. We have done cub scout day camp, playgroup, playdates, sleepovers, drove to TX, drove to NY, had my nephew here to visit for a week at the same time one of my sisters was in town, went to Carowinds, bowling, an indoor water park, a spray ground, 2 zoo's, The Science Place and Discover Zone. Whew!! It's not over yet. The three oldest have another day camp next week and I plan to do some yard work while they are gone during the day.

Since John works from home it makes it easier to just go out for the day instead of trying to keep the kids quite in the house but quite honestly I am kinda getting tired.

I will try to post pics of some of the great stuff we have done. You can see lots of it on my Facebook page.

Check it out if you are FB! I don't know if I did the link right..if not I will try to fix it later. I barely had enough time to write this...LOL

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