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May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about Mother's day this year because things didn't quite go as planned. Then, the more I thought about it the more I thought this is for sure a Mother's Day that needs to be blogged.
On Friday afternoon I left for SC with 5 wonderful, awesome, funny, sweet, caring friends. Anita, Jessica, Julie, Audrey, and Tiffany. We drove down in my van so that we would have plenty of room for all our stuff. The ride was so fun! We picked up Jane, Jessica's sister when we got close to our destination and then our gang was complete.
We went to "Time out for Women" which was a day and a half of inspirational music, great speakers and time to bond with the ladies. I enjoyed Michael McLean the most. He was soo funny and real. Anyway enough about that, this is a Mother's day post not a "Time out for Women" post.
I got home about 9:30 Saturday night. Sunday I woke up to John's alarm going off about 7am. He was going to make me breakfast in bed, but that didn't work out as planned. we go to church so early now that by the time he got breakfast made I didn't have time to eat it . We then ended up being late for church. That made me sad because on Mother's Day the kids always get up and sing and I couldn't see them.
After sacrament I teach the 9yr olds. I forgot that my co-teacher, Shirley Tinkim wouldn't be there and I didn't have a lesson planned. I had to find a manual and read the lesson as I was teaching it. Turned out OK I guess, the boys were pretty well behaved and that's really what makes for a great class.
The young women taught sharing time this week so I got to go to Relief Society. Nellie Johnston our Relief Society President taught a wonderful lesson on Self-Reliance. Afterward, as we were walking to the car the kids ate all my homemade treats that I got at church. boo hoo for me.
We came home and I was bummed about the events of the day so I went upstairs and went to sleep, got up around 3 came downstairs and had a snack. John made dinner about 5 and the children did nothing but bicker with each other the whole time and it didn't stop during dinner I didn't even eat because they were arguing so much.
After dinner John was going to make a cake with the kids. It got late so all they had time to do was make it and put it in the oven. At this point I was sitting on the couch sulking because my day hadn't gone the way I had planned when I heard a crash and John yell. I knew before I asked what had happened. While he was taking the cake out of the oven the pan slipped, burnt his forearms and when he jumped the cake when flying out of the pan onto the kitchen floor.
So now I didn't get breaksfast, I wasn't able to eat dinner and now I don't even get to have cake because it was on the floor. AAHHH!!
Well it's the end of the night and now all I can do is go to sleep and try to have a better day tomorrow. But of course not before I hear the sound of glass shattering in the kitchen. John had wanted to make another cake for me but wasn't thinking that the glass pan was so hot, probabaly becuase he was concentrating on the 3rd degree burns on his forearms, when he turned on the water it was so cold and shattered the glass pan in the sink.
As I talked on the phone with a friend and explained how the day was just a big flop I realized that it was Mother's Day and my children had done so much for me. They made me cards just like I asked and they wanted to sit with me and hang out. They made me coupon books of nice things to do for me whenver I need a little help or a little hug. And if I had just stopped whinning about how I didn't get a gourmet meal, I might have seen that sooner.
I had a wonderful realization on Mother's Day this year. It's not about the breakfast in bed or the gourmet dinners or any of that. Mother's Day is a day for me to be thankful for my wonderful children. They are so good to me. Noone could love someone more than my children love me. No matter what I do they always forget the bad stuff and of course remember the good stuff. They are so forgiving, unlike adults they don't have the ability to hold hold a grudge.
They think I am the best mother that was ever put on the earth. Boy, what they don't know!! They only know unconditional love and that is something that I don't know if I deserve but I know that I have.


  1. I'm glad you came to this realization. Mother's Day is always destined to be a flop if we don't recognize what it's really about. Husbands can start to feel too much pressure when, good grief! we're not THEIR mother! I've tried to have a totally laid back approach to the day. All I'm looking for is them to tell me thanks for all I do and my husband to tell me thanks for being the fabulous mother I am. lol. (Whether I really am or not!)